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3 Heartbreaking Grey’s Anatomy Moments When Meredith Almost Gave Up


Dr. Meredith Grey is by far one of the most favorite characters from long-lasting Grey’s Anatomy series. Well, it’s actually no wonder, because we often feel more sympathetic towards those who suffered enough. Life had given her so many reasons to give up, but our Meredith still found ways to resist. Here we want to highlight 5 most dramatic moments in her life, that if happened to anyone else, could have scarred them for life.

The drowning scene

Season 3 was not easy for Meredith. She picked up several strange and frankly dangerous “hobbies”, like putting her head underwater in the bath and hanging out there until someone pulls her out…

Which actually led to another scene, when she and the other surgical interns were called to the site of a ferryboat crash and Meredith fell into the freezing cold water and did nothing to survive.

She was saved by her boyfriend, but at that time she was completely blue and seemed not alive. She was then taken to the hospital and brought to life, but still the scene was scary and terrifyingly realistic.

The miscarriage and Derek’s shot

It was in the season 6 finale when we almost cried our eyes out. The scene with a gunman, angry with her husband Derek, shooting left and right without even looking, comes across Meredith.

At the time, she was newly pregnant and hadn’t told her husband about it yet. The gunman shoots Derek right in front of Meredith.


After that she confronted the gunman to say he should shoot her instead of Derek. After this frankly unhinged request, the gunman doesn’t quite know what to do, until Derek apparently dies on the table.

Undone by grief, Meredith completely breaks down. Later that day she had a miscarriage… In the end, something good happens – at least she finds out Derek is not dead.

Cristina moving away

Despite the existence of Derek, Meredith had another person that was extremely important in her life – Cristina Yang.

Cristina is her best friend in the world throughout the series, which makes it all the more tragic when she moves to Switzerland in season 10.

Meredith knows that Christina has to move on with her life, but watching these two friends part ways is really the most heartbreaking moment for Grey’s Anatomy fans.

“This might just be me, but the scene where Mer and Cristina dance it out makes me so emotional, it literally gives me chills every time. She was my favorite character, she was the most fun to watch, learn and grow and she got the ending she deserved,” Reddit user sadradandsuperglad said.


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