7 Years Ago, Sofia Coppola Transformed Clint Eastwood’s Iconic Western Into A Profound Drama


With the number of ever created movies being unimaginably high, there’s no wonder that an average viewer wonders where the inspiration comes from? Well, the answer is right there: sometimes history gives us the story worthy of creating a movie, but when it doesn’t – there’s always a way to create a remake.

Of course, the niche is dangerous because it takes courage to try to recreate another movie with your own ideas and vision. The main goal is to make it better and not end up being just another disappointment in the industry.

That’s why when Sofia Coppola announced she is going to remake an iconic Western featuring Clint Eastwood. The movie titled The Beguiled was directed by Don Siegel and released in 1971. And After many years have passed, it was Coppola who thought it’s time to create something different from what already existed.

What’s Different In Sofia Coppola’s Version of The Beguiled?

Well, both versions of the movie are based on the 1966 novelby Thomas P. Cullinan. The film revolves around a wounded Union soldier John McBurney, who in the first movie is portrayed by Western-icon Eastwood himself, who escaped from a deadly fight and now ended up in a new home at the Miss Martha Farnsworth Seminary for Young Ladies.


And here’s where it all starts, when some ladies believe they have to help the man, and the strict headmistress Martha Farnsworth believes he would only bring them troubles. So you see that it’s the gender dynamics that are at the heart of the movie. And what does Coppola do with that?

While the first movie adaptation portrayed women as lustful creatures, Coppola gives the female characters much more depth and motivation. And with Colin Farrell in the lead role, she gives his character a more complex personality. She also adds a dash of humor to the film, which makes it much more compelling.

The enigmatic performance of the main female character, played by Nicole Kidman, is something the viewers can’t forget though.

“I’m a big Sofia Coppola fan and I really liked The Beguiled. I thought it was funny and sharp and biting in a way that I haven’t seen from her in awhile. I haven’t seen the original film so I can’t say how they compare but I was high on this version. All of the performances are good but I particularly enjoyed Nicole Kidman’s,” Redditor nayapapaya said.