Did We Really Just Witness The End Of GH’s Spencer Cassadine?


Will we (and Trina) ever see Spencer again?

Young General Hospital hero Spencer Cassadine was on an incredible high and then took a great fall — literally. He is now floating in the River Seine with Esme Prince and may not come up for air.

Esme Destroys Sprina’s Happiness

An idyllic river cruise down the Seine turned into Spencer’s (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and Trina’s (Tabyana Ali) worst nightmare on January 31 when Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) took their romantic alone time and turned it into a dangerous revenge plot. Yes, Esme wanted her son back, but she didn’t care if she had to kill Spencer to reach her goal, not something a selfless young mother would do.

Spencer and Trina thought they had it all and believed they’d spend a dream-come-true semester in Paris, but Esme had other ideas. As soon as Trina saw the young sociopath in her stateroom, she knew there was trouble. But, at least she was able to think fast, get herself untied after Esme shoved her into a corner on deck, and grab a heavy object to knock her out.

Sadly, neither Spencer nor Trina thought to tie Esme up once she was unconscious and grab that syringe that soon solidified Esme’s social media nickname as “The Drugger.”

Spencer’s Last Stand?

Once back on deck, Spencer and Trina thought they were safe, but Esme appeared out of nowhere and stabbed Spencer with the syringe. Trina’s protests led to them both falling overboard into the freezing waters.


Last winter, a pregnant Esme flung herself off the Wyndemere parapet into the frigid river below only to turn up on The Haunted Star. Last spring, Spencer was thought to have died in Greenland when The Haunted Star blew up. This winter, both characters could have finally met their end on this French version of The Haunted Star.

While many fans will be happy if Esme is no more after all this time, Spencer will be sorely missed. His romance with Trina put Chavez and Ali on the cover of PEOPLE magazine last year, but now Chavez’s star is shining brighter than ever before as the Daytime Emmy winner films Netflix’s Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez story.

Chavez began filming in December and will be off GH for several months, meaning Spencer will be presumed dead for now. As he rises to primetime fame, speculation is that Chavez will not return to GH at all, and if he does, it will only be to wrap up Spencer’s story for good. This might have been the last we saw of Spencer Cassadine in this form — or maybe even the last we’ve seen of him forever.