Farmer Wants A Wife Twist! Farmer Mitchell’s Former Contender Kiana Found Love With His Pal (Exclusive)


After her connection with Farmer Mitchell Kolinsky faltered, Kiana Clemente found love with an unexpected person: her potential suitor’s friend, Houston

Farmer Wants a Wife contestant Kiana Clemente’s time with Farmer Mitchell Kolinsky was cut short, but that didn’t deter her romantic journey one bit. In fact, she still managed to find love on the show in an unlikely person: Farmer Mitchell’s friend, Houston Redford Warren!

Kiana and Houston met on a previous episode of the Fox reality series, where the California native met Farmer Mitchell’s family and friends. But as evident from the clip, included in this PEOPLE exclusive, there was an immediate attraction between the two. Houston even appeared to have a hard time keeping his eyes off Kiana, as he was shown nervously looking away from her at points.

Now, the twosome has been going strong since December of last year.

“I went on Farmer Wants a Wife with an open mind in hopes of finding love,” Kiana, 30, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“Although it didn’t work out with me and Farmer Mitchell, it still led me to my happy ending and a beautiful relationship with his friend, Houston,” she says. “How crazy is that!”

“Had I not put myself out there and gone through this experience, I would have never met him,” she continues. “I am forever grateful for Farmer Wants a Wife and Mitchell for being such a great friend.”


Kiana adds, “While I didn’t end up with a farmer, I ended up with a farmer’s friend! I’m so excited to see what the future holds for me and Houston.”

As for how Farmer Mitchell’s own journey concluded, he entered the May 9 finale with Kait Smith and Sydney Errera. But he ultimately chose to part ways with Kait, 23, since he had built a stronger connection with Sydney, 22.

“There’s not many things that make this heart of mine, I guess, spill out and be vulnerable, be all romantic. But with you, I feel that way,” Mitchell admitted to Sydney during the finale episode.
“Sydney, I think it is so special to think about the future with you and it just makes me so happy to think about all of the things that can come from this beautiful relationship that we do have,” he added. “I want you to join this life of adventure with me, and farming is just the beginning!”

As for whether the two are still together, fans will have to tune into the show’s May 16 reunion episode to find out. Updates on fellow season 2 stars Farmer Brandon Rogers, Farmer Ty Ferrell and Farmer Nathan Smothers will also be provided in the hour-long special.