Farmer Wants A Wife Viewers Call For Program Boycott Following Dramatic Season: ‘It’s An Absolute Disgrace’


Heartthrob Farmer Bert Harris stunned fans on Tuesday night as he made a dramatic exit without picking any of his ladies.

Insiders claim Bert felt increasingly manipulated by production tactics, particularly from producers who were pushing for heightened drama, according to Yahoo Lifestyle.

And now viewers are slamming the reality series, branding the season an ‘absolute disgrace’.

‘Let’s boycott next year as all the emotional turmoil created by the producers toying with real people’s emotions is absolutely disgusting,’ one social media user wrote.

‘Thanks ch 7 for ruining what was once a good show it has survived for a long time without the scripted drama I’m sure you’ve lost a lot of loyal followers,’ another commented.

‘I definitely won’t be watching next year…It really was the worst season ever,’ added another.

‘I so agree, the producers are at fault for this fiasco that went on, the worst season I have ever seen, why can’t it be genuine, what farmer would go out of their way and strip down to their birthday suit and be sketched and have bath dates the whole show is very R rated this year,’ wrote one more.


‘This season sux. Get rid of the producers and bring back the old ones. This year it has become more like MAFS. We love this show because it is wholesome and real. If next year is like this year people will turn off in droves.’

It comes after fan favourite Farmer Bert broke hearts around Australia on Tuesday night when he walked out of the show.

‘Farmer Bert was really sweet and it was sad to see him being treated like a prop,’ a source told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Bert is now said to be secretly seeing Lauren McNeil, a contestant who chose to exit the competition due to intensifying pressures.

Lauren, who left the show two weeks prior, was reportedly a significant factor in Bert’s decision to leave, with sources suggesting he was coerced into letting her go – a decision he regretted.

The couple are expected to reveal their relationship publicly after the show’s season concludes in late May.