From Clint Eastwood To Jason Statham, 5 Hollywood Badass Who Would Never Be A MCU Superhero


Clint Eastwood, Naomi Watts, Reese Witherspoon, Matt Damon, and Jason Statham are unlikely to join the MCU, given their unique artistic preferences and career paths.

Hollywood has seen plenty of actors portray the quintessential “badass” character with their rugged charm, fearless personas, and no-nonsense approach to their roles. However, not every one of these tough-as-nails stars is a natural fit for the larger-than-life world of superhero cinema, especially within the high-flying, action-packed universes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

1. Clint Eastwood

From A Fistful of Dollars to Cry Macho, Clint Eastwood has enjoyed a career spanning over six decades. Clint Eastwood is known for the tough, no-nonsense characters he portrayed throughout his career.

With his gravelly voice, Eastwood has always been the epitome of the Hollywood badass. The 93-year-old has often chosen to direct and act in serious, adult-oriented content. As revealed by CBR, the former mayor expresses his thoughts on the superhero genre.

“I read comic books when I was a kid, I don’t read them now. I prefer adult oriented stuff. I mean that in the PG-13 or R sense, but that’s as far as it goes.”

Clint Eastwood‘s focus remains distinctly elsewhere in an industry increasingly dominated by superhero narratives.

2. Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts has a broad range of acting skills, which she has showcased brilliantly in various genres, including serious dramas and psychological thrillers. While she has excelled in these genres, she prefers smaller, more personal projects and TV shows. Therefore, it is unlikely that she would be interested in taking up roles in superhero movies.

In an interview with The Times, Watts revealed that the film industry was in a “sad state,” which is why the actress prefers the drama genre.

“I definitely noticed that a lot of great writing was taking place in the TV format now, probably because of the sad state of the film industry and how all the films getting made are mostly in the franchise world, or superheroes or big comedy blockbuster-type movies, and I really tend to enjoy working in the drama genre.”


Nonetheless, her commitment to her craft and her ability to bring depth to her characters make her an asset to any project she chooses to undertake.

3. Matt Damon

Matt Damon is a highly respected and accomplished entertainment industry figure, receiving critical acclaim and widespread commercial success.

Despite his connections with influential individuals in the superhero genre, he has yet to take on a superhero role, which presents an opportunity to explore a new aspect of his craft and further expand his already impressive repertoire.

4. Jason Statham

It is unlikely that Jason Statham, who has openly expressed his preference for films that focus on human performance rather than special effects, would be interested in joining the superhero genre, especially the MCU.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Statham confirms that he is not interested in being a part of the Marvel universe.

“The fascination is superheroes, it’s what people want to go and see but you wouldn’t get me rushing to the cinema to see those. I like the old-fashioned type of film. They’ve never offered me a part in one of those and I don’t think the shoes would fit. Or the cape wouldn’t fit!”

Statham’s expertise and career choices align more with traditional action cinema. The actor’s legacy in the action genre is defined by intense stunts and a straightforward demeanor, which sets him apart in Hollywood as a unique figure, far removed from the superhero universe’s caped adventures.

5. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is an actress renowned for her versatility and has excelled in roles requiring strong character development. However, Witherspoon hasn’t been a part of the action-packed superhero movie genre of the MCU due to the diverse range of roles she has taken throughout her career.

Witherspoon seems to desire more substantial and complex characters, as evidenced by her past remarks about the lack of appealing roles in big-budget movies, including superhero films.