General Hospital Spoilers: Drew and Carly Relationship Status Update — Ready To Implode


Is Carly over Dark!Drew?

On the Thursday, February 22 episode of General Hospital, spoilers focus on confrontations, revelations, encouragement, and so much more. You won’t want to miss this episode.

The Nina Problem

Everybody’s worried about Drew (Cameron Mathison, who addresses the potential of Drew and Willow here). This darker, angrier persona he unleashes at a moment’s notice isn’t healthy for him or anyone, really. Anytime he sees Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros), he crosses the room to project this darkness and anger all over her. He’s hell bent on extracting every bit of revenge on her he can.

Well, that’s not sitting well with Carly (Laura Wright). Sure, she’s enjoying reaping the rewards of Drew’s biggest revenge tactic — taking Crimson away from Nina. But she’s ready to put Nina in her rearview and live her life. She once asked Drew to do the same but, so far, he hasn’t complied. So when Carly frustratedly asks him why he can’t just ignore Nina, what’s his response going to be? Can he turn the other cheek and put his revenge fantasies behind him? If he can’t, is he prepared for his relationship with Carly to go south?

Defiance and Defeat

While conflict rules for Drew and Carly, Sonny (Maurice Benard, who talks to Jon Lindstrom in his latest State Of Mind) deals with a more urgent matter. This requires connecting with fellow mob boss Selina Wu (Lydia Look). The two forces are well aware mob men and women all over the country are being targeted and killed. So this meeting of the mob minds is vital. What happens when Selina suggests they end their alliance? Is this another case of Sonny’s further isolation? Or will the two work out a way to handle this mysterious and menacing threat?


Elsewhere, it’s the FBI versus the PCPD…again. This time around, however, it looks like the Feds are the ones coming out on top. Because somehow Agent John!Jagger Cates (Adam J. Harrington) is able to thwart Anna (Finola Hughes) and Dante’s (Dominic Zamprogna) actions. Will Anna be gracious in defeat?

Positivity and Light

Ever since Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) became roomies, the two have been dancing around each other regarding their true feelings. Thankfully, they end up sharing a close moment. Will this, ultimately, lead to a reunion?

Finally, Spixie matchmakers Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) and Cody (Josh Kelly) share their own nice moment when Sasha commends Cody. Does this reflect how much progress he has made in improving his life? Or maybe it’s the way he took the high road with a prickly Spinelli to form a friendship?