How To Watch ‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ Season 11, Episode 15


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About the show:

Long-running documentary series “The Curse of Oak Island” chronicles the investigation of a storied stash of buried treasure — supposedly located somewhere on the Nova Scotia coastal island. Throughout the show, Rick Lagina, Marty Lagina, Craig Tester, Dan Blankenship, Gary Drayton, Alex Lagina, Jack Begley, and fellow scientists have uncovered various artifacts, structures, tunnels, and more, both on the surface as well as underground.

During tonight’s episode, “On Target,” by lowering themselves down the Garden Shaft again, the team attempts to find a tunnel that has eluded them for much of this season.

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  • Rick Lagina
  • Marty Lagina
  • Craig Tester
  • Dan Blankenship
  • Gary Drayton
  • Alex Lagina
  • Jack Begley