Kevin Costner Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, And More


Baumgartner stated in court documents that he earns roughly $19.3 million annually, but that the family also spends a lot, coming up with an estimated $7.59 million after deducting their expenses. Although those figures are astounding to the ordinary person, Costner, who is extremely wealthy, sees them as little more than pennies.

How did Kevin Costner get his big break?

Growing up, Costner lived in several Californian locations, sometimes relocating due to his father’s work. He played baseball and football in high school, but his passion for acting really took hold in college at California State University Fullerton. He nevertheless earned a B.A. in marketing.

He started taking acting classes during his first marriage to Cindy Silva. He met Burt Reynolds by chance on their plane journey home from Puerto Vallarta, where they had spent their honeymoon, and Reynolds gave him inspiration and advise. Costner attributes Reynolds’s success to him, stating that it was because of him that he continued to pursue acting classes at night while working during the day as a marketing executive.

During the same year, in 1978, Costner began landing small roles in films and television shows. In 1983, he shot parts for The Big Chill, but those ended up not being used. He didn’t really have a breakthrough film with Silverado that elevated him to stardom until 1985.

Kevin Costner Net Worth

According to court records from Baumgartner’s divorce case, Costner’s nett worth was assessed to be over $400 million. This includes his revenues from movies and television shows as well as his real estate holdings (it is estimated that he owns a minimum of five homes totalling approximately $100 million, in addition to a $145 million complex).

Besides from entertainment, Costner makes money from other endeavours. These include his investment in the road trip app Autio and his Costner oil and water separation system, which was utilised to aid in the cleanup of the Deepwater Horizon oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.


What was Kevin Costner’s salary for the film Yellowstone?

Puck claims that Costner received $500,000 for each episode of Yellowstone when it debuted in 2018. Costner received a hefty pay increase as the series rose to become one of the highest-rated cable programmes.

Costner testified in court during his 2023 divorce proceedings that he had initially consented to produce Seasons 5, 6, and 7 of the show for $12 million per, but that talks for Season 6 ultimately broke down after Paramount turned down his request for $12 million. It appears that he earned less than $12 million, if not exactly that amount, during the later seasons of the show.

What was Kevin Costner’s salary for the film Waterworld?

For Waterworld, Costner received a $14 million payment, according to The Wall Street Journal. Even though the movie’s budget swelled to $235 million including marketing costs, it was a huge box office letdown. It brought about $264 million at the box office worldwide. Before home video rentals and sales were accessible, the movie wasn’t lucrative since theatres keep a portion of the grosses.

What was Kevin Costner’s salary for the film Man of Steel?

Nobody is aware of Costner’s Man of Steel salary. In the Henry Cavill film Superman, directed by Zack Snyder, he portrayed Jonathan Kent, Clark Kent’s father. In Justice League, Costner returned to the character for a brief cameo.

What was Kevin Costner’s salary for the movie The Bodyguard?

According to The Baltimore Sun, Costner probably earned between $20 and $30 million for his role as Whitney Houston’s co-star in The Bodyguard. He postponed the film’s completion for a full year in order to work around the late singer’s schedule.

“You don’t do that for everyone,” he had said to Parade earlier. And for Whitney, that was a really pivotal experience. I was informed that the film had a significant impact on the Black community because, although I kissed Whitney as a beautiful lady, I did not do it as a Black woman. I saw her that way.”

What was Kevin Costner’s salary for the film Dances With Wolves?

Forbes claims that Costner earned an astounding $50 million for Dances With Wolves, the film he co-produced and made his directing debut on. He won the Oscar for Best Actor for the role as well, which may have increased his marketability to studios in the aftermath.