Real Reason Sylvester Stallone Was Forced To Tweak The Tulsa King Script


Sylvester Stallone is one of the most underrated gems when it comes to screenwriting. Although the actor has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and is known for always tweaking his scripts, the actor has remained under-appreciated for this talent of his. Without Stallone and his incredible genius for writing, the audience would have been deprived of some of the finest scenes in the history of cinema.

And so, starring in the hit crime-drama show, Tulsa King, was no different for Stallone, who occasionally edited the script despite it being written by esteemed screenwriters, Taylor Sheridan and Terence Winter. And in an interview, Stallone revealed the real reason why he did so.

Sylvester Stallone On Why He Would Alter Tulsa King Scripts

Based on the life of a former Mafia Capo just released from prison after 25 years, Sylvester Stallone stars as Dwight General Manfredi in Tulsa King. Ever since season one of the show aired, the show has been receiving incredible praise for its screenwriting, narrative, and dialogues, and part of the credit goes to the actor as well.

Known for always tweaking and adjusting scripts and even writing scripts since the very start, Stallone did the same while working on Tulsa King. Created by Taylor Sheridan and Terence Winter, one would think the show is in perfect hands with no room for improvement.

But Stallone does not believe so and he has the perfect reason why he was forced to tweak the script of the show. In an interview with Collider, the actor stated,


“I spoke primarily with Taylor, but more with Terry. I say, ‘Look, I understand what you’re trying to convey here,’ but quite often I have to put it in my own words. It helps me memorize it, but also there’s a certain cadence that everyone has. Your cadence is different than my cadence, so you can write better for yourself than I can write, if you have that ability.”

Stallone’s explanation further proves the understanding, depth, and diligence he has towards his craft and the audience, giving his fans all the more reason to love and respect him.

Sylvester Stallone Explains Why Tweaking Scripts Is Important For Him

Sylvester Stallone has written some of the finest scripts and dialogues ever since he first came into this business. Not only did he create the Rocky movies but he has also extensively worked on numerous projects including Expendables, Cliffhanger, Rambo, and much more.

While adding ad-libs and improvisation are common among actors, Stallone prefers to change the scripts as he sees fit according to his character. While talking to Collider, the actor explained the reason why he prefers to alter scripts and why is it so important to him.

“You know, you just know what words, what vowels, what consonants to use, and so on and so forth. And that happens. So when you see some of these little ad-libs and asides, that to me is what makes it… it just seems spontaneous rather than overly rehearsed.”

Implying that these small adjustments tend to create a sense of spontaneity and authenticity rather than being scripted, Stallone wants to highlight the importance of how altering the script allows for a more compelling performance.

And this is why Sylvester Stallone is one of the greatest actors of all time.

Tulsa King can be streamed on Paramount+.