Sean Penn Needed To Have An Oxygen Tank Ready On Set While Filming A Certain Scene In Clint Eastwood Movie That Won Him A Best Actor Oscar


Sean Penn gave it his all for Mystic River, especially proved he deserved his Oscar by holding his breath for a scene for too long

Making his big screen debut in the early 1980s, Sean Penn has grown to become a prominent figure in the world of cinema. With a remarkable body of work spanning decades, he has had a diverse career in Hollywood and has received several accolades for his work, including two Academy Awards. The actor won his first Oscar for the 2003 film Mystic River, which is believed to be one of the best movies of his career.

To film one of the most emotionally charged scenes in Clint Eastwood’s crime drama, the actor requested an oxygen tank in advance, as he wanted to fully immerse himself in the role of a grieving father.

Sean Penn Demanded an Oxygen Tank While Filming Mystic River

Starring Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and Kevin Bacon, Clint Eastwood‘s 2003 crime drama Mystic River follows three childhood friends, Jimmy, Dave, and Sean. However, things take an unexpected turn after Jimmy’s daughter is brutally murdered, setting off a chain of events that uncovers dark secrets and tests the bond of their friendship.

One of the scenes in the movie features Penn’s character, Jimmy Markum, finding out about his daughter’s murder. The emotionally charged scene features the character wailing and thrashing in despair at the discovery of his daughter’s body.


According to IMDb, Sean Penn requested an Oxygen tank present on set while filming the scene, as he wanted to film the intense scene with all the wailing and crying. He gave his best not only in that scene but throughout the film, landing his first Oscar for Best Actor at the 76th Academy Awards.

Michael Keaton Almost Starred in Mystic River

Kevin Bacon portrayed the role of Sean Devine, a detective who investigates the murder of Jimmy’s daughter in Mystic River. However, the director of the film, Clint Eastwood, wanted to cast Michael Keaton in the role. The Batman star according to Collider, did several script readings with the cast and researched the practices of the Massachusetts Police Department to learn more about the character.

The actor and director allegedly had some creative differences over the depiction of Sean’s character. Eastwood, however, refused to alter the script as per Keaton’s suggestion. This resulted in a huge argument between the two, and The Founder star ultimately left the project. Soon after that, Bacon was cast in the role of Sean Devine.