Selina’s Thug Throws Stones At Sonny’s Attacker: GH’s Jason Or Jagger To Blame?


Which one is the red herring?

In the Thursday, February 22 episode of General Hospital, a new name popped up as the potential mystery man behind the murders of key bosses in organized crime. When Selina gave Sonny the opportunity to question her corrupted henchman, Sonny’s special brand of making a thug talk worked…sort of. The minion was only able to give them one name…Stone.

Two Stones, One Truth

Mob bosses all over the country were going down one by one. Two attacks and a mole hunt in his own organization later, and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is still trying to figure out whodunnit. His best lead came courtesy of a rival mobster and one of his strongest alliances, Selina Wu (Lydia Look). They made a deal, and she held up her bargain.

She took him to the henchman she tied up nice and neat for Sonny. All marinated and waiting for him, it didn’t take him long to get one name out of the guy: Stone. The second Selina’s henchman uttered the name, “Stone,” two scenarios immediately had the fandom talking and, more importantly, speculating.

Scenario #1: FBI Agent Jagger Cates, brother of the late Stone Cates, leading the investigation…and keeping his name away from suspicion.

The name “Stone” means two possible persons of interest. First, FBI Agent Jagger Cates (Adam J. Harrington). The man hasn’t seen hide nor hair of Port Charles in 30 years. But his job requires him to work a case of stolen WSB arms that are being used to take down VIPs in organized crime.

What better way to escape suspicion if you’re the man who’s actually leading the investigation? Even though he’s been absent from PC, Jagger still has beef with Sonny. Of course, the Stone connection has to do with Jagger’s younger brother, who was a very important person to Sonny as well. Back in 1995, Stone (Michael Sutton) died of AIDS-related complications.


Take Jagger’s FBI contacts and accessibility to all kinds of resources. Add his intense resentment of Sonny and maybe the mob life in totality. Plus, mix in his connection to the name “Stone” — the brother he lost almost 30 years ago. And he could be the guy Sonny’s looking for. Or he could be the red herring.

Scenario #2: Jason Morgan never died and is now meting out “Stone Cold” justice, attacking and killing mob bosses one by one.

As far as the residents of Port Charles know, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) is gone. In 2021, he died beneath the rubble of a collapsed tunnel on Cassadine Island. He was there to help Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) save Liesl (Kathleen Gati) and, subsequently, Drew (Cameron Mathison) from Victor Cassadine’s (Charles Shaughnessy) captive clutches.

Three years later, Burton is set to return to GH starting around the beginning of March. So, this could be the way they bring Jason back into the action. After all, Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) dubbed him “Stone Cold,” and it’s a nickname that stuck. Has someone messed with Stone Cold’s mind again? Was Jason brainwashed to take out the mob’s most elite officials? Did Jason regain his Quartermaine memories and decide to go vigilante against the U.S.’s biggest criminals? (What? It could happen.)

More importantly, what would it take for Jason to turn against Sonny? So often, it was the two of them against the universe. Also, what would prevent him from being able to protect Carly (Laura Wright) and her kids? Why would he stay away from his own kids, as well as the mother of his children for that matter? It would take a lot. When he returns, Stone Cold Jason Morgan may be in the fight of his life.