Sylvester Stallone’s Daughters Dish On Dating Nightmares — Including 1 Guy Who Brought A Resume For Their Dad!


The ‘Rocky’ star’s daughters Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet chatted with Kate and Oliver Hudson about the challenges they face when meeting men

Dating as the daughter of Rambo himself comes with some challenges.

Sylvester Stallone’s daughters Sophia, Sistine and Scarlet joined Kate and Oliver Hudson on Monday’s episode of their Sibling Revelry podcast to discuss growing up with the Oscar-nominated actor, 77, as a dad.

“I got to do nothing growing up,” Sophia, 27, lamented.

Sistine, 25, revealed how stringent her father’s rules used to be.

“It was curfew at 10:00 p.m. and my dad would stay up,” she said. “He would literally … I would always say, I would see him with the light on in his bathroom like, ‘Oh shoot, it’s 10:05. We’re in trouble.’ No boyfriends, no dating until we were almost 18. We couldn’t drive until we were 18.”

Kate, 44, thought Sly sounded “crazier than I am.”

Dating hasn’t necessarily gotten easier for the Stallone sisters since moving out of their parents’ house, either. Sistine said she and her sisters have been on numerous dates with men who “were just pretending to like us.”

“I’ve had a guy bring a resume on a date,” she continued. “I have three great ones: I got a resume once, a headshot and a script. And they were all dinner, so I was stuck. I was like, ‘Gosh darn it, this is horrible!'”

Oliver, 47, asked Sistine what she thought of the script. “It was awful,” she claimed. “I said, ‘Sly, you would wipe your butt with it.’ ”

Scarlet, 21, said she’s had her dad brought up on dates, too.

“I’ve got the question of like, ‘Could I beat your father in a boxing match or something?’” she recalled. “What do you want me to say? Like, yeah, you can beat up my father? It’s so stupid.”


Sophia worried about how being in the spotlight now with her family’s reality show The Family Stallone, as well as her podcast Unwaxed, might affect her personal life.

“I have this huge fear that this fame is going to really ruin my personal life with like marriage or dating or whatever it is,” she said. “Because it does get invasive. Like, a lot of people don’t treat us the same as you know I would say 10 years, when I was in college, I wasn’t famous. Like, people knew my dad but it wasn’t me.”

Sophia felt “it was a lot easier to connect to people” before she found fame in her own right. “Today, it’s pretty different because it’s almost like they put a filter on me initially,” she continued.

Viewers of The Family Stallone have seen the sisters navigate their romantic lives, with Sophia and Sistine dating in New York City and Scarlet in a relationship with her boyfriend Louis.

“It was so weird for him,” Scarlet said of having Louis on the show. “But then after a couple takes, he actually started getting like very … showing his personality. And he was so into it.”

The show’s producers also hoped to see more of the sisters’ personal lives on season 2.

“I will say, season 2, the producers definitely said, ‘You gave us nothing season 1 about your dating life, we are going to exploit you season 2,'” Sistine joked. “Season 2 is a lot of dating for me, a lot of kissing frogs.”

When Oliver speculated that it “didn’t work,” Sistine confirmed, “I’m still single!”