The Bay’s Tristan Rogers and Mary Beth Evans Get Hitched


GH’s Robert and DAYS’s Kayla have lives outside of Port Charles and Salem.

Daytime Emmy-winning series The Bay has many familiar faces in its cast. Among them are General Hospital‘s Tristan Rogers, who plays Robert, and Days of our Lives‘ Mary Beth Evans, who plays Kayla. They play, respectively, Lex and Sara on The Bay — and now their relationship is going to a new level!

Wedding Belle Blues

Oh, sure, Sara is still technically wed to Steve Jensen (Matthew Ashford, ex-Jack, DAYS), but Lex has been by her side for quite some time. So she’s going to say yes to his proposal. Watch for them to celebrate their love for one another in an episode that’s available to view today!


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Sara’s union with Steve isn’t the only obstacle to Sara and Lex finding happiness. One of Adam’s (Kristos Andrews) henchmen is going to shoot Sara, sending her into a coma! Can Lex’s love for Sara bring her back to her loved ones? Tune in to find out on The Bay‘s one-hour special, which highlights weddings from that show that have taken place over the last eight seasons.


Also, watch for actress/comedienne/host Kym Whitley (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Act Your Age) back to the show. She’s reprising her Daytime Emmy-nominated role as Candice Lewis (AKA “Big Candi”), who is now working for Garrett Industries International.

Check out The Bay and the Greatest Wedding Moments episode on Popstar! TV on Wednesday, February 14, at 3 p.m. ET/12 noon PT. You can download the Popstar! TV channel for free on your Roku device, Apple TV, or Vizio.

Do you have any favorite wedding moments from The Bay? If so, let us know which ones and why in the comments below.