This RuPaul’s Drag Race Legend Was “Dropped” From All Stars 9


“F-ck my drag, right?”, said Kennedy Davenport in a confessional during Season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Now that iconic quote has fully manifested itself. The Season 7 and All Stars 3 star has recently claimed that she was “dropped” from the All-Stars 9 lineup before being cast on Canada’s Drag Race: Canada Vs The World Season 2 at the Roscoe’s Tavern event, where drag queens Batty Davis and Kara Mel D’Ville hosted the episode 9 of All-Stars 9 viewing party, as Season 8 and All Stars 8 queen Naysha Lopez was absent. Season 16 star Plasma was also in attendance as Davenport claimed that she was an alternate in the All Stars 9 lineup of the reality series, alongside fan favorites and stars Gottmik, Angeria Paris VanMichaels, Roxxxy Andrews, Shannel, Jorgeous, Vanessa “Vanjie” Matteo, Plastique Tiara, and Nina West. Only eight queens returned for the race for charity season, so maybe there could have been room for the legend most known for her electrifying lip-syncs and hilarious Season 7 snatch game.

At the event, the queens were discussing Vanjie and how entertaining she was on All Stars 9. Davis asked Davenport if she worked with Vanjie in the RuPaul’s Drag Race Live! set in Las Vegas, which she denies. But she did have a “fun fact”. “I was an alternate for this,” she said, pointing at the screen which showed the All Stars 9 episodes.

“For this season right here?”, Plasma responded, to which Davenport replied, “I was”. Davenport explained that she was on standby in case a contestant gave up her place on the all-stars season, which is standard across all reality TV shows.


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Despite being dropped from the All-Stars 9 casting, Davenport was in high spirits at the event. She did not hold anything against the producers of the show and enjoyed the season like everyone else. At the event, she said that she was rooting for Andrews and also was perplexed at the horror-themed rusical challenge (where Season 1 legend Shannel finally won a badge!)

Davenport, like a lot of legendary RuGirls, is too good to be an alternate. Davenport came fourth and just missed the finale on Season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. She then went on to compete in All Stars 3 where she was the runner-up, losing the crown to fellow Season 7 star Trixie Mattel.

Now Davenport is back in the race and is determined to get the crown. The cast of Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs. The World was released a few weeks ago, and the cast features some familiar faces. Eureka (Season 9 and All Stars 6) and Alexis Matteo (Season 3, All Stars 1, and All Stars 5) returned alongside their fellow American queen Davenport to compete in the Brooke Lynn Hytes hosted drag race competition.

UK queens Le Fil (Season 4), and Cheryl (Season 1 and UK vs. The World Season 1) will also compete. Kahena (Drag Race France Season 1) have also returned to compete for the crown, against Canadian queens Tynomi Banks (Canada’s Drag Race Season 1), Miss Fiercalicious (Canada’s Drag Race Season 3), and Lemon (Canada’s Drag Race Season 1 and UK vs The World Season 1).

Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs The World will premiere on July 19 on Wow Presents Plus. RuPaul’s Drag Race: All-Stars is Available to Stream on Paramount Plus.