Tom Selleck Credits The Reagan Family Dinners For Blue Bloods Lasting So Long And Doubles Down On Not Wanting The CBS Drama To End


The Reagans are the recipe.

As Blue Bloods continues to air its final season on the 2024 TV schedule, fans are spending what may be their final Fridays with the Reagans, often around the dinner table. While Selleck’s still not ready to say goodbye to the long-running series, he did recently say he knows why the series has had longevity on CBS. Let’s unpack his latest statements on getting axed and why the show has such a loyal and dedicated fanbase.

After it was announced that Blue Bloods was ending after Season 14, Selleck was one of the first to share a statement about how grateful he was. He was previously asked how he felt about the drama ending, and he said that there are an “awful lot of people aren’t ready to say goodbye” to Blue Bloods, also noting there are still plenty of ideas the writers have, and plenty more Reagan family dinners that could be had.

Recently Selleck’s been touting that same line again. In fact, he told USA Today that it’s because of his on-screen family that Blue Bloods is still going, and he doesn’t want it to wrap up on the Eye Network at all, citing the family dinners as a key reason to keep going.

That meal, at the end of the episode, and Leonard’s gift of casting are probably why we are still around. I love the role. And he’s not done. I’m not done. And I think there’s plenty of room for the show.

The Blue Bloods family is definitely a special one. They’ve grown close over these last 14 years and it’s not surprising to see the cast have feelings about letting that go. Even just seeing behind-the-scenes footage of one of the last Reagan family dinners is making it hard to say goodbye. I can’t imagine what it must be like on set for both the actors and the crew who are going to work every day knowing it’s among the last times.


But to the point of all of these comments, it actually sounds like the cast is still fighting to keep the show on the air, and it’s not just the mustachioed Selleck leading the charge. Donnie Wahlberg’s comments also have continued to build up the fan hope over another possible season.

Wahlberg shared with Andy Cohen “there are rumblings” for Season 15 of Blue Bloods. Since Blue Bloods has been a staple on CBS for years, it still does solid ratings and would keep the Friday night lineup steady, there are reasons to keep it around. Honestly, it wouldn’t be surprising if the network pulled a S.W.A.T. reverse cancellation and picked it up for Season 15.

For now, the line CBS is touting is that Blue Bloods will be ending after the current season, but things could always change. At the very least, there are still many more Reagan family dinners to come, as the season has been split into two parts, consisting of 18 episodes total. Ten episodes are airing this spring, while the final eight are expected to premiere sometime this fall.

The Reagan family dinners are perhaps the most special part of Blue Bloods, even if they don’t always eat during it. There have been some arguments at the table, as well as some announcements, both good and bad, but it really gives fans the opportunity to see all of the Reagans together at home and not working. It also gives them something to look forward to by the end of the episode. Personally, I feel like if the series finale doesn’t end that way, then there’s no point. If you’ve never caught a Reagan family dinner, now’s a great time to catch up with a Paramount+ subscription.