What Fans Can Expect From Season 2 Of Tulsa King


According to TV Guide, Tulsa King has become the Paramount Network’s number two show, behind 1923. Many would therefore say that the fact that it’s returning for season 2 is well, pretty much a no-brainer.

The show obviously did extremely well and can certainly be considered a hit. There’s a very good reason for that.

Tulsa King blended action, drama, and comedy perfectly with an astounding cast, where everyone plays their parts extremely well. The show was loaded with dramatic undertones, the likes of which we’d see in a Scorsese picture or even a Coppola crime family drama.

But added to the mix, was of course, that classic Stallone die hard mentality that he has brought to most of his characters over the years. With Stallone, who started his film career writing, and starred in more dramatic roles before the dawn of Rocky and Rambo, he returns to more of a dramatic role in Tulsa King.

But he also brings along the tricks he learned from playing action hero characters. All of those elements are present here.

Where the show left off at the end of Season 1

As stated last time, Tulsa King ended on quite the cliffhanger. Dwight “The General” Manfredi, gets betrayed by the woman he’s last seen helping after the action unfolded in season 1’s climax.

Stacey seemingly betrays Manfredi, without a single thought thrown to all he’s done for her, which included returning fire to those that shot her outside the Mayo Hotel. Regardless, at the end of the show, Manfredi’s back is up against the wall once more.

His crew is left to fend for themselves, and we can’t forget that Chickie is still in New York. He’s probably a little more than upset about the fact that Manfredi wanted out of the Invernizzi crime family.

There’s no way he’s going to take that sitting down and there will be repercussions for sure.

What to expect from Tulsa King Season 2

Now if there’s anything we’ve learned from season 1, is that Dwight Manfredi takes to challenges like a duck takes to water. He’s built for them.

The harder the challenge, the harder Manfredi works at stabilizing his environment, and ridding himself of his newfound problems. Just look what he did to the Black Macadams biker gang.

Piece of cake, right? Well, these legal issues are pretty serious, yet something tells me that for “The General,” there’s an end to them in sight.

There’s no doubt it will be entertaining to watch as season 2 gets under way. Now we will also have Chickie and company to deal with.

We can’t forget what Chickie did to his own father, Pete. Did anyone forget that Pete was Dwight’s original boss and friend?

No, not at all, and I see Dwight definitely wanting to make that right should he find out about what really happened to Pete at the hands of his own son! There’s still so much to see, many questions about so many of the other characters as well.


But one thing remains sure, at least as far as the way I’m looking at it. And that’s the fact that there’s no way Manfredi’s back will be up against the wall for long.

The action, drama and comedy we saw in season 1 will get nothing but better and more entertaining all around.

When can we expect season 2?

According to that same TV Guide piece mentioned above, the show has been renewed for season 2 but filming has not begun.

Stallone is getting ready to launch his reality show featuring his three daughters on the same network soon. The actor that plays Bodhi, Martin Starr, told Collider that there’s a lot of work still to be done in terms of decisions for season 2 to start filming:

“We don’t have dates yet. I think they’re working out so many details. We don’t even know where we’re going to do it this year, or, this next season. So I’m excited to find out everything. I don’t think they’ve dug into scripts or anything yet. I could be wrong, but you know, the impending writer’s strike certainly would urge anyone to get moving.”

But there are also other promising details in terms of spinoffs possibly in the works…

“The huge success we’ve had with Tulsa King and Sylvester Stallone opens up possibilities with Taylor Sheridan, who consistently, his mind works in terms of universes and backstories, so I think there’s always a possibility that there’s more to that universe and more to that story…”

The above statement was made by Tanya Giles, Paramount Global streaming chief, while speaking to Indiewire. One major difference at the top is coming: Terence Winter.

As the showrunner from season 1, he will be leaving his duties, citing “creative differences”. But according to reports, the rest of the team are all set to return, including the incredibly talented cast.

All that’s left to do now, is wait with bated breath as season 2 gets under way and starts streaming – whenever that’ll be. Stay tuned, dear readers.

We’ll keep you posted.

What do you think will happen in Tulsa King season 2? When do you think the new season will begin filming?