When Is The Big Brother 26 Cast Released?


Big Brother fans desperately want to know who is playing BB26.

With no Hollywood strikes to delay production, many fans thought the season would start earlier.

CBS revealed that the BB26 cast will debut with a two-night season premiere on July 17 and 18.

There have also been recent teasers about the BB26 theme that could tie it to artificial intelligence.

It won’t be long until the BB26 cast takes over primetime on CBS and the Paramount+ live feeds.

But when could we learn the names of the Big Brother 26 cast members?

When has Big Brother revealed recent casts?

CBS hasn’t revealed the exact drop date for the BB26 cast list, so we have to look at past seasons to make an educated guess about the big reveal.

The Big Brother 25 cast was revealed only two days before the first episode. We learned the names of the BB25 cast members on July 31, 2023, and then the season premiered on August 2.

The Big Brother 24 cast was revealed on July 5, 2022. The season premiere aired the next day, giving fans little time to digest the list of new players.

We learned the names of the Big Brother 23 cast on July 1, 2021. That season debuted on July 7, so viewers had a slightly larger head start to pick out their favorite pre-season players.

These dates hint that fans will have to wait until mid-July to learn the names of the BB26 cast members.


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When will the BB26 cast list be revealed?


Details being ironed out behind the scenes can delay a cast reveal. For instance, if an alternate houseguest takes the spot from someone. Several recent alternates have played the game, including Joseph Abdin on BB24 and Claire Refuss on BB23.

If the BB26 cast release date is the same as last year, we could meet the new players on the Monday before the premiere (July 15).

If it mirrors what was done with BB23, we could meet the BB26 cast on Thursday, July 11. We should point out that the July 1 release was likely done to get ahead of the Fourth of July holiday.

We expect the BB26 cast to be announced a few days before the two-night season premiere. But if we get surprised with an earlier drop, that could be even more exciting.


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All Big Brother 26 cast members get paid – in case any fans didn’t know about that already.

Previous seasons of Big Brother are streaming on Paramount+, and the live feeds will also be there during the summer 2024 season.

Big Brother 26 debuts July 17 on CBS.