‘Yellowstone’s Ian Bohen Reveals What He Knows About Final Season (Exclusive)


Ian Bohen says he isn’t in the loop on what the final season of Yellowstone has in store, but that he will soon know as they are just months out from filming.

Talking with ET’s Cassie DiLaura from the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party on Sunday, the 47-year-old actor shared that he and the show’s other principal cast members are prepping to head back to Montana in a matter of weeks.

“We will go back, rumor has it in May,” Bohen tells ET. “This summer and then we should be on in November, roughly.”

The actor — who plays ranch hand Ryan on the Emmy-nominated Paramount Network series — says the final shooting schedule is still up in the air but that the entire cast will be hard at work on the highly anticipated season 6 throughout the year.

“It could be June, we shoot six episodes — November maybe December, and then we go through the holidays and maybe season finale — series finale maybe on Super Bowl [day],” Bohen adds, calling it “the end of the era.”

Last year, ET spoke with Bohen and Lainey Wilson, who said at the time that they were planning to film in the summer. Filming, however, did not end up taking place as the respective WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes stopped productions and delayed filming for hundreds of shows and movies. Wilson, a recent GRAMMY Award winner, made her acting debut in season 5 of the show.

For Bohen, even the idea of the show ending is still too weird for him to say out loud. He related it to going off to college and knowing he would be saying goodbye to those he has known for years.

“It’s like going to college and grad school with the same people for six or eight years and you’re like, ‘We have to go? Then what are we gonna do next?'” Bohen says. “It feels empty and weird so I’m gonna try to wring out every second of it.”


He also said that while there may be tons of stories and headlines online about drama behind the scenes — including Kevin Costner’s exit — the cast and crew are more committed than ever to giving the show a proper send-off.

“The most important thing — and people come and go and there’s all kinds of stories that you may read about and hear — but this story of what this show is about is the most important. We’re all components and we all become madly in love with each other as actors and as people so we’ll finish that out in this beautiful glide to land,” Bohen says. “It’ll be great, so we just want to take advantage of the time more than anything.”

While he said he has not read the scripts, he is promising fans that it will be one that will both impress and satisfy the fans who have tuned in over the last five years.

“You’re gonna get the most satisfying, the best ending that the show could possibly have from the mind of our creator,” Bohen tells ET. “Taylor [Sheridan] is going to be delivering to the audience, so it’ll be worth the wait, so we thank everybody for waiting.”

As for whether Wilson will return after her GRAMMY win, Bohen said he is counting on it and that there may even be something in store for those who are “shipping” their characters.

“I will say this, I would be shocked if Lainey Wilson was not in this season,” he says, teasing a potential storyline for their characters. “There was some sort of something — little bit of something — for her character and for my character. I believe that, I don’t know, but I believe that that will happen.”