Yellowstone’s New Plan Already Sounds Better Than McConaughey’s Show Or Season 6 With Kevin Costner


Recent news about Yellowstone’s upcoming spinoff casts doubt on Matthew McConaughey’s casting, but means a brighter future for the franchise.

Although anticipation was high for the rumored casting of Matthew McConaughey in an upcoming Yellowstone spinoff, this may not happen due to the recent casting of Michelle Pfeiffer, and the franchise is all the better for it. Currently, the neo-Western series created by Taylor Sheridan is in the midst of its final season and on the precipice of many big projects. Yellowstone season 5, part two is set to be released in November 2024, while a handful of Yellowstone spinoffs and sequels are in the works for the future. Most recently, Michelle Pfeiffer has been added to the roster.

In the last year, the Yellowstone franchise has seen some interesting updates and changes. Due to disagreements between Kevin Costner and Taylor Sheridan, the series was set to end after season 5 and Yellowstone’s lead actor may not even return for the end of the series. To make up for this unexpected mess, Sheridan announced a Yellowstone spinoff starring Matthew McConaughey, though the actor’s participation has yet to be set in stone. And now, with news that Michelle Pfeiffer has joined negotiations, Yellowstone could look much different than was anticipated this time last year.

Yellowstone With Michelle Pfeiffer Sounds Like The Best Future Yet

Of the different routes Yellowstone could take, including Kevin Costner, Matthew McConaughey, and Michelle Pfeiffer, the final option definitely seems like the best. Costner has been the lead of Yellowstone for years now, and while he is iconic as John Dutton, his ending does not feel too sudden or disappointing. Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey’s Yellowstone casting would have been exciting, but ultimately, Michelle Pfeiffer’s induction would be much more interesting because it is different from what the series has always done. It is time for Yellowstone to give up its rugged male lead for a strong female heroine instead.

Ultimately, Michelle Pfeiffer is the best option for Yellowstone because she has more to offer the show than McConaughey or Costner. Not only would she be the first female lead of a Yellowstone series, but she is also less prominent than either actor in recent years. Therefore, her to return to the public eye in such a big and interesting role would be much more exciting. Pfeiffer becoming the lead of Yellowstone would follow the tradition of tough women that Yellowstone’s Beth has set, and also, would give the franchise a different energy that neither Costner nor McConaughey could provide.


Michelle Pfeiffer’s Yellowstone Role Could Avoid The Show’s McConaughey Problem

Bringing Michelle Pfeiffer onto Yellowstone instead of Matthew McConaughey would also fix a major problem with the Interstellar actor. Though there was a lot of buzz surrounding McConaughey’s participation in Yellowstone, there were definitely doubts about his commitment to the series. McConaughey has a long resume, however, he often focuses his career on hard-hitting movies and high-quality television. Though Yellowstone is popular, there is no guarantee that McConaughey would deem the series worthy to stick around for longer than a season. However, that would be less of a problem with Michelle Pfeiffer.

Though Pfeiffer earned her fame from all sorts of iconic film roles in the 1980s and 1990s, she has continued expanding her horizons by appearing in films that she may not have done earlier in her career. For example, Pfeiffer is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as she portrays Janet Van Dyne in Ant-Man and the Wasp and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Though this could mess with her schedule, it ultimately seems like Pfeiffer is down for anything, and Yellowstone could be a major project for her, along with her recent Marvel appearances.

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Potential Casting Proves Yellowstone Will Survive Kevin Costner’s Exit

The final bonus of Michelle Pfeiffer joining Yellowstone is that she can take the mantel from Kevin Costner. Because Costner’s role in Yellowstone is still up for debate, there have been many concerns about whether the franchise will survive without him. However, with a name as big as Michelle Pfeiffer, there is no doubt that Yellowstone will survive. Pfeiffer may not be the iconic Western star that Costner is, but she certainly brings a new and exciting perspective to the series, and she has just as many fans of her work.

In the end, Michelle Pfeiffer’s casting is the best Yellowstone announcement in recent months. Pfeiffer not only raises hopes that Yellowstone will survive Costner’s exit and the main show ending, but she hints at a new phase for the neo-Western. Hopefully, her style and influence will make Yellowstone’s new era just as addicting but with new surprises in store. Ultimately, Michelle Pfeiffer could truly save Yellowstone.