Clint Eastwood’s Subtle Racism Was Blasted By Oscar Winning Director After 91 Year Old Asked Him To ‘Shut His Face’


Clint Eastwood has been revered as one of the greatest directors of all time. With acclaimed movies to his name, Eastwood has directed several classics such as Letters From Iwo Jima and The Mule. With decades of experience in the Hollywood film industry, the director has had his fair share of friends and enemies.

Recalling his hatred for the director, Spike Lee talked about how Eastwood portrayed subtle racism in two of his classic World War II movies. He further recalled that when he discussed this with Eastwood, the director simply told him to “shut his face”!

When Clint Eastwood Ignored Subtle Racism In His Movies!

Being a notable director, Clint Eastwood has been credited with making two movies based on stories from World War II. Talking about the 2006 movies, Eastwood helmed as the director of two movies Letters From Iwo Jima and Flags of Our Fathers.

Depicting the events of the island of Iwo Jima and the subsequent American conquest of capturing it, the two movies depicted different sides of the same war. With great reviews, the movie was praised and applauded for its bold and violent portrayal of the events. Director Spike Lee, who is known for movies like BlacKkKlansman commented on the subtle racism that the veteran director showcased in his movie Flags of Our Fathers.

Lee stated that Clint Eastwood did not accurately depict the actual amount of black persons that were involved in the fighting during that time.

“If you blinked, you’ve missed the one Black person that was in it. There were Black marines!”

Although Spike Lee is not wrong, when he talked to Clint Eastwood regarding this, the director allegedly told him to “shut his face”. Spike Lee went on to publicly state that although Eastwood is a great director, he just sounded like an old man right there.


“He’s a great director. He makes his films, I make my films, but come on, he sounds like an angry old man right there.”

The director is truly incredibly hard to work with since several acclaimed actors have also complained about the director and his shooting style.

Tom Hanks Hated Working With Clint Eastwood In Sully

Among the long list of actors and directors, several names such as Leonardi DiCaprio and Tom Hanks were also in the mix. Collaborating for the 2016 movie Sully, director Clint Eastwood, and Tom Hanks worked together on the project.

According to the Captain Phillips actor, working with Eastwood was not an easy thing since the director had his own unique style of directing.

“You certainly don’t want one of those Eastwood looks. He treats his actors like horses because when he did the 60s series Rawhide, the director would shout ‘Action!’ and all the horses bolted. So when he’s in charge, he says in a really quiet soft voice, ‘All right, go ahead,’ and instead of shouting, ‘Cut!’ he says, ‘That’s enough of that.’ It’s intimidating as hell!”

With complaints and allegations, the director is all set to work on his upcoming project titled Juror #2. With the movie currently in the pre-production stage of development, there are rumors that this may be the final film for Clint Eastwood.