Tulsa King Season 2 Production Start Confirmed With New Sylvester Stallone Video: “You Have No Idea What’s Coming”


Tulsa King season 2 has now officially started production, and Sylvester Stallone teases in a new video what’s to come. Created by Taylor Sheridan, Tulsa King first aired on Paramount Plus in 2022, introducing audiences to Stallone’s Dwight “The General” Manfredi. Season 1, which was a viewership hit, chronicles Dwight’s exile to Oklahama, where he begins to put together his own criminal empire.

Paramount Plus now confirms that filming on Tulsa King season 2 has now officially started, and the post includes Stallone teasing what audiences can expect from the new episodes. Check it out below:


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The post includes a scene of Manfredi and Tina, with the video then cutting to Stallone, who assures audiences that they “have no idea what’s coming. Trust me.” In addition to confirming that filming has started, the post also confirms that the series will return to screens in the fall of this year.

What To Expect From Tulsa King Season 2
How Will Dwight’s Season 1 Ending Be Resolved?

The Tulsa King season 1 ending leaves things on a cliffhanger, with Dwight’s fate left somewhat in the balance. The season ends with Dwight in a police cruiser, with the authorities hoping to take him down for bribing a member of the ATF. Dwight did, after all, wire Stacy $1 million by means of an apology, but this context won’t mean much to the police, and it could open the door to other charges. The fate of Dwight’s whole fledgling empire, then, hangs in the balance.


The Tulsa King season 2 cast is expected to feature a number of returning characters from season 1. This includes Stallone, of course, but it can be assumed that other series regulars are also set to return. In addition to these familiar faces, it’s likely that casting announcements will emerge in the coming weeks, confirming which new actors will be joining the show. See the chart below for those expected to return so far:

Also joining the talent of Tulsa King season 2 is Craig Zisk, who will serve as director and executive producer of the new batch of episodes. Zisk’s arrival follows a change of role for Terence Winter, who served as showrunner and executive producer on season 1 but will serve as a writer and executive producer on season 2. Many questions still remain about Tulsa King season 2, but Stallone is clearly teasing an exciting continuation of the Paramount Plus mob drama.